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The Second Official Trailer of the New Aladdin Film Is Released

It’s a good day for the fans of the trumpet-playing monkeys, the flying carpets and the magical geniuses, because Disney premiered a new trailer for the live action film by Aladdin.

This film, which will be almost the same as we all met in “animated monkeys” almost three decades ago, will premiere on May 24 worldwide.

In the trailer we can see more of the character of Will Smith as the genius of the bottle, a very complex role for the beloved of the original, which was played fantastically at the time by the late Robin Williams, who also had other iconic roles such as Patch Adams and John Keating in the Society of the Dead Poets.

Here we can soak a little more of how the tenor of the histrionic character and the other protagonists who were so loved at the time.

The film is directed by Guy Ritchie and is based on a script written by John August, Ritchie, and Vanessa Taylor.

Now the question that remains is to know if the Latin dub will be as bright as the original, where we delight with wonders of songs like this one.

Remember that this is not the only “live action” movie based on children’s movies of the 90s, there is a CGI version of the Lion King, which looks more adorable than ever.

Although we have nothing to claim, because they are spectacular movies, we still wonder: Disney is running out of new ideas that have to revive these classics?

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