Throughout 2014 we were treated to a lot of high-tech colossal films. These films are not only supported by a mature storyline, cool acting, but also technological sophistication that makes us see things that are far beyond imagination.

For example, the Exodus movie, which has recently become the talk of many people. You are certainly curious how can the story in the time of Prophet Moses be returned again in the form of a film. Let’s look at some of the processes for making films that have become a mainstay throughout 2014.

1. The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, turns humans into cool chimpanzees

This film was one of the highlights of Hollywood films in 2014. Many critics praised this film because their storyline was intense and not only relying on technological sophistication like most Hollywood films. However, even so, the sophistication of this film technology is indeed a thumbs up.

If we look at a glance, maybe we will not believe that the chimpanzees in the film are actors. Their faces are plastered with devices that detect facial expressions so that when they are reflected into chimpanzees, the actor’s expression can be recorded well. The film also involves excellent graphic design to make a human world that looks “dying”.

2. Guardian of the Galaxy, a film full of strange creatures

The marvel comic lovers have certainly been waiting for the film’s arrival. Guardian of the Galaxy could be categorized as a compulsory film for geeks who like comics and science-fiction stories. The film, directed by James Gutt, became a hit that soon became a favorite movie.

This film tells about the inter-galaxy creatures collected in a group to prevent evil forces from dominating the universe. So it’s no wonder that this film creates unexpected locations, which are far from anything we see on earth. The character of the actors is carved in such a way as strange humans from planets other than Earth.

3. Noah, Rebuilding Noah’s Ark

This film had become a controversy at the beginning of its appearance because the theme it raised was very sensitive and related to several religions. But beyond the controversy, the seriousness of the filmmakers deserves a thumbs up. They use technology with very impressive details.

In this film we can witness the re-creation of the prophet Noah which according to the scriptures is very large. The making of this ark itself took 6 months. While floodwaters were made with a graphic computer design that was very astonishing. Likewise with the animals that went up to the ark of Noah.

4. The Raid, stunning martial arts action

We must be proud because Indonesian films, The Raid 2, have received tremendous appreciation from audiences around the world. The film also received a lot of praise from critics. Indeed, technologically, what is used in the production of this film is not as good as Hollywood films. But for the size of the action film, The Raid has the same quality as other Hollywood films.

However, it seems that due to the lack of technology, the film crew has become more creative. They even created a room that could be “folded” to make it easier to take pictures. The film also involves a number of collaborations with Japanese actors.

5. Exodus, how to make the sea recede

Just like the Noah film, this one film is also a controversy because of its connection with several religions. Technically, this film also has similarities with the film Noah which involves a lot of people being dragged by water. In this film a technique can be used to increase the number of followers of Moses. At the location, only a few hundred actors were present, but in the film we could see as if there were more than two thousand followers of musa.

The construction of this film set involved more than seven hundred crew members. Of course it’s not easy to make a colossal film with a very hot set like in this film.

From making the film above we can see how difficult it is at the same time challenging the process of making a film. Not only technological sophistication, but also the physical endurance of the crew tested in making films that can take months or even years.

Films with advanced technology will continue to emerge. Reportedly, 2015 will be filled with more astonishing films.